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Hemp seed oil as a dietary supplement in Medical practice

Hemp seed oil is a nutrient deriving from the cold pressing of the Cannabis Sativa (grown Sativa) fruits, i.e. the hemp plant.

The history* of hemp seed oil usage dates back to Neolithic China, ca. 3.000 BCE, when seeds were used to fight skin inflammations and were also considered tonics, reconstituents, laxatives, and diuretics. Also, they were considered an excellent remedy to rid infants and animals of worms.

The first therapeutic use of hemp documented in Arabic literature dates back to the 8th-9th centuries: the most commonly used plant parts back then were the seeds, and, to a smaller extent, leaves.

Hemp oil is particularly rich in polyunsaturated essential fatty acids of the Omega type. Technically speaking, Omega (Ω) are polyunsaturated fatty acids that are chemically characterized by a first carbon-carbon double bond in the ω-3 position or in the ω-6 position starting from the last carbon atom of their chain.

Today, we know that essential fatty acids act through various action mechanisms as metabolites and messengers, with crucial roles in the metabolic traffic: they can either directly work on the nuclear receptors, activating or repressing a series a metabolic pathways that are necessary for a correct cell defensive response, or they can allow the organism to form the eicosanoid molecules involved in reproductive functions, in inflammation processes, in fever and pain, associated with traumas or diseases, in the formation of blood clots, in the regulation of blood pressure, in the secretion of gastric acid, and in many other important processes for human health.

Most vegetable oils do not contain the optimal ratio of Ω6 and of Ω3, and tend to promote the accumulation of intermediate products that act as an obstacle to fatty acid metabolism. Hemp seed oil, on the opposite, is correctly balanced and does not allow for the accumulation of metabolic products.

In hemp seed oil, the ratio between Ω6 and Ω3 is respectively of 3 to 1, i.e. the recommended ratio according to medical research on essential fatty acids consumption. Past studies on the Omega ratio tell us that during human evolution history the ratio between Ω6/Ω3 was of 1-2/1. Today, in Western societies, this ratio varies between 10-20/1.

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